Honoring End-of-Life Wishes

There are many things to think about both immediately before and immediately after a loved one’s passing. One of the most important matters to consider is honoring the wishes they had for the end of their life. These wishes may be made clear in a will or advanced directive, or they may need some figuring […]

How to get a Legal Pronouncement of Death

What is the difference between a legal pronouncement of death and a death certificate? While a death certificate is an official record of the event of someone’s death, a legal pronouncement of death (LPD) declares the death itself. When you hear of someone being “pronounced dead” at the scene of an accident, for example, this […]

Death Certificates: What you need to know

Just as a birth certificate officially documents an individual’s arrival into the world, a death certificate verifies their departure.  What is a death certificate? A death certificate is an official, state-issued record of an individual’s death.  What information is on a death certificate? A death certificate includes the person’s full legal name, date of birth, […]